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Join the thousands of people who have improved their bridge online. Our skilled teachers, Brian and Samantha, lead you through the basics of bridge with easy-to-understand video lessons. Our focus is beginning players. Completely new to bridge? This is a great place to start!

Why Play Bridge?

Playing bridge is a great exercise for your brain. The gameplay will engage a variety of skills from both sides of the brain, including mathematics, communication, logic, memory, and your familiarity with the other players and their strategies. People of all ages and backgrounds can gain something from bridge, whether it be a love for the game, a new way to socialize, or a way to challenge the mind to keep it sharp throughout life.

Beginner bridge lessons are one of the best ways to start off if you’ve never played before. Here at The Bridge Teachers, we welcome people of all experience levels!

Learn From Our Experienced Teachers

Bridge is one of the world’s most beloved games and has been proven to strengthen the mind, one of our most important muscles. In addition to being great for your mind (studies show that bridge players not only have lower rates of dementia but that it can help maintain mental acuity), bridge is a fun partnership game. Learn how to solve puzzles with language, logic and teamwork while having a great time with friends. Bridge can be learned very quickly and enjoyed at a basic level or studied for a life-time. Each player can determine their own ideal involvement with the game.
There is a place for everyone in the Bridge community, from casual games to competitive tournaments.

Introduction Interviews

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Think bridge takes too long to learn? Check out our “Learn Bridge in Under Two Minutes” video!

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What Makes Us A Great Place To
Learn Bridge?

We Love Teaching New Players!

We love teaching bridge and excel at taking someone who has never touched a deck of cards and showing them how to play bridge

We Want to Hear From You!

Seriously! We want feedback on what is working and what isn't. Having difficulty understanding a topic? Contact us with your questions. You will have personalized access to our teachers, who will address and answer questions regularly.

We Love Content!

We are always looking to add content (even some inspired by your questions). You will get unlimited access to our entire library of lessons which will be constantly growing.

We Break It Down For You.

We break down concepts to their most basic parts and make them easy for you to understand, even if you’ve never played before!

Real Life Scenarios

Sometimes it can be hard to translate what you learn in the virtual classroom to the card table. Our “Real Life Experiences” videos let you test your skills on hands that were dealt and played by real people.

Easily Digestible Lessons

We go over each topic in great detail and break down even the most difficult concepts into smaller pieces that are much easier to understand.

Logic Based learning

It isn't about rote memorization at TheBridgeTeachers.com. We teach you the logic behind the elements of the game with interactive videos. We ask you a question, pause for you to think about it, then give you the answer...and most importantly, the why behind it.


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What Our
Students Say

The Real Life experiences are the best, they give me a way to translate the lesson knowledge from online learning to real play, which I love.

Adrian, Ontario CAN

Love love LOVE the bidding videos. I've never been able to understand the concepts so well before, and the quizzes really help me test my knowledge.

Maggie, Lebanon KS

Samantha and Brian have a way of breaking down the complexities of Bridge into easily digestible nuggets of information that help you better understand the game and make you excited to start playing it.

Kristin, Burbank CA

Having the concepts broken down into easily understood parts helped me to learn Bridge quickly.

Mike, Thousand Oaks, CA

Still think your videos are the greatest help I have ever had!

Phyllis, Great Plains, NY

Love your lessons. So well done. Thanks for your help!

Jeanne, Surprise AZ

Wow, I have to say that your videos are the BEST teaching videos I've ever seen. Absolutely amazing structure, pacing, and straightforward explanations. Thank you so much for making these!

John, Minneapolis MN